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Unfortunate Events (Beta) was a sample episode of what the story for what a adaptation/parody of A Series of Unfortunate Events would be like. Originally, if the series was continued, it would have been a simplified retelling of the show with some stuff moved around.


Mr. For takes Krauss and Virgil to their new guardian, Emperor Jacob, who is a werido. Mr. Foe soon ditches the kids on Emperor Jacob's doorstep and has them do chores.

Victor soon notices the tattoo on Jacob's ankle but they soon get to work while Emperor Jacob gets high. When he gets up and sees their work he asks where the spaghetti but they refute that the list of chores said nothing about spaghetti and Emperor Jacob bitch slaps Krauss.



  • The eye tattoo was put on the wrong ankle but the scene was flipped during editing but that made the tattoo look weird and mess up the V.F.D. letters hidden inside.
  • When Emperor Jacob bitch slaps Krauss you could see that his hand doesn't actually connect to his face.