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A show written and directed by Erik 663. It is a parody/mix of the books and Netflix series by Lemony Snicket. The series follows the Berkshire children, Victor and Dante, and their pet dog, Bongo, who are being perused by Baron Frederick and his various hench people.


Unfortunate Events Episodes
Episode # Episode Name
1 The Pitiful Prelude
2 The Doggo Room
3 The Horrible Hurricane
4 The Nightmarish Mill
5 The Strict School
6 The Fake-Ass Elevator
7 The Town of Crows
8 The Panic! At the Hospital
9 The Bloodthirsty Carnival
10 The Monstrous Mountains
11 The Dreadful Depths
12 The Second-to-Last Danger
13 The End

Cast and Crew

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