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WARNING! Includes spoilers for all 663 Productions films and shows! If you haven't seen anything 663 Productions related then please turn away.

Most if not all the films, shows, etc. in 663 Productions are interconnected and share the same timeline.

NOTE: This is a timeline, so be warn that it might spoil events that occurred in all the various shows and movies. This is a general timeline aiming to show how everything is connected to each other across time. Anything with a (*) marks alternate timelines.


  • Horror Story Haunted House takes place.


  • December 26th - Erik and Josh document a paranormal investigation they've gone through (Part Four) and later escape. They soon create a series based around the possible outcomes if they didn't survive, if Erik went with Alex, and if Josh went with Alex (Part One, Part Two, and Part Three).


March 23 - All of the Entitles had been summoned which reawakened Zalgo.

March 34 - By morning, the city of Portland, Organ is in ruins.

2029 - 2036

  • An apocalypse happens.
  • Horror Story Apocalypse takes place.


  • Human civilization is slowly rebuilt.



  • December 16th - Officer Chad is Born


  • Carnage East is loaned a house by his friend, Wayne Douglass.
  • Carnage East begins to investigates the disappearance of Carlito Banks before falling into depression and wouldn't be in the limelight for the next five years.


  • September 14th - Carnage leaves his parent’s house and gets lost. Since it starts getting cold he decides to stay at the Banks Family Home. He meets Marcus, Sophie, and Carlos. While using the bathroom he notices Marcus’s strange behavior. Carnage later talks to Sophie and she tells him that her mother left them, her brother was 5 and she was 2 at the time. Carnage comforts her and Marcus walks in. (At this time Carnage goes mysteriously unconscious) Marcus and Sophie argue because Sophie already has a boyfriend and she tells him that he is abusive. Just then there is a knock on the door, It’s Liam Edgar, Sophie’s abusive boyfriend. He bullies her family and tries manipulating her, she then kills him and runs away. Around this time, Carnage wakes up and walks away. That night Sophie runs to Carnage's house and tries to hide but Marcus finds her. (The Beginning and first half of Sophie (Episode))
  • September 15th - Carnage goes over to the Banks house and sees police and paramedics. Carnage promises Marcus he’ll find Sophie. (Flashback in The Sorrowful Reunion)
  • September 29th - Sophie goes to a nightclub and Carnage follows her. We see Kevin the Bouncer and Howard the Bartender. He takes her away and tells her that Marcus sent him to get her after the whole police investigation. During this time they get to know each other. Carnage talks about how the police are still investigating the stuff with Liam Edgar and how it isn’t her fault and tells her it was good she got rid of him. Sophie finds out that Carnage has a camera and confesses that she is interested in him. (Second half of Sophie (Episode) and first half of The Sorrowful Reunion)
  • September 30th - Marcus calls Carnage, wanting to know if he found Sophie. Carnage lies and says he hasn’t. Carnage then asks Marcus how he got his number but Marcus abruptly hangs up. While talking about Carnage’s family. Officer Chad arrives, saying he’s there because of a noise complaint. Carnage quickly hides Sophie ((who drops a spyglass)) and she finds a newspaper article about Carnage looking for Carlito. Officer Chad and Carnage talk for a while. But finding nothing, he gives Carnage his number and leaves. Sophie confronts Carnage about him being a photojournalist. Carnage tells her he hasn’t been in the limelight for 5 years. (Middle part of The Sorrowful Reunion)
  • October 1st - At night, while Carnage is trying to gain confidence to propose to Sophie there is a knock on the door. He thinks it is Wayne, the guy who sold him the house, but to Carnage and Sophie’s surprise it is actually Marcus, who is assisted by Carlos, who is pissed that Carnage is trying to keep him from his daughter. Sophie reveals that Carnage is her boyfriend. Marcus punches Carnage, knocking him down. Marcus demands Carlos to get his sister but Carlos refuses. Marcus says “Fine! I didn't want you anyway!” and shoots both Carlos and Sophie. Suddenly Officer Chad bursts in and Marcus quickly kidnaps Sophie. Carnage has Officer Chad take Carlos away as he chases after Marcus. Carnage and Marcus meet at a deserted park where they both fight. Carnage saves Sophie. Sophie is rushed to the Hospital where Doctor Steve takes care of her. She makes a full recovery. A couple of hours later Carnage proposes to Sophie. When they are leaving Carnage sees someone spying on them but brushes it off as something he is imagining. (Final half of The Sorrowful Reunion)
  • October 8th - Sophie and Carnage get married. An old Priest performs the ceremony while a crying audience member... Cries. (Ending to The Sorrowful Reunion)

Sometime Between 2105 - 2199

  • Scooby Doo takes place.


  • TMNT take place.