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The Worst Beginning is a short (unfinished) episode of a show that would parody A Series of Unfortunate Events. The show has been in development since 2018 first with Unfortunate Events (Beta) but when that didn't work, M. was brought on as a writer to develop more of a personality for the show.


The intro plays, talking about how you should look away before going on to the card: "A Mediocre Beginning Part One" and then to a dedication: "For Beatrice - You're Pretty I Guess... But Now You're Dead..."

We then go to Lomny Sniget who has to explain the story and warns that if (the viewer) wanted a good story, then fuck off. Cuz this story is mediocre at best and is about three sad kids. Jew is advised not to watch.

Vincent, Clyde, and Susie go to a park on a gloomy day, wondering about why their parents kicked them out of the house so suddenly, when Mr. Allen arrives to tell them that their parents was listening to his mixtape and died cause it was mad fire. Lonmy says that he has been researching that mixtape, and shit was indeed fire, this children for sure felt like shit.

Mr. Allen takes them to the remains of their home and begins to explain about how he is going to handle them now along with their fortune, Clyde finds a mysterious item. Before Mr. Allen can take find them a guardian he takes the children to his house to meet his wife, Alice, and his kids, Haruka and Sora ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) [Insert Onii-Chan here]. Alice has published about their parents being dead and about Mr. Allen being arrested for being a minority. The children go to sleep in their F-Shacks.

The next day, Mr. Allen takes the children to their guardian, Emperor Jacob. The kids meet Justice Shelly who is a pop idol (Michael Jackson) and also a judge for some reason. They soon find out she doesn't live with Emperor Jacob and they go across the street to his nasty house. They soon meet Emperor Jacob who has a tattoo of an eye on his ankle. He wants their fortune and Mr. Allen soon leaves when Jacob doesn't want to listen to his mixtape, the episode ends with the children being alone with their daddy.



  • The title of the video is 'The Worst Beginning' but the title card says 'A Mediocre Beginning Part One',
  • There are a couple of continuity errors with Emperor Jacob's scenes, specifically his glasses appears and disappears from his face.
  • Mr. Allen's glasses change from being round to rectangle before going back to round.