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Story (Written by Montel J. Guzman)

We’ve had a trailer for about 3-6 years now in Upstate,New York and it was, will be, and our very last stay. Let me explain. Me,Bob,and our dad went up there during December 1st we were on the way to there. My big brother was too busy with work to go up there with us, my mom got sick and tired of the trailer, and buster passed away 2 months ago.

After we arrived at the trailer, we sat down on the couch watching Full House then my dad wanted to get pizza for dinner and he wanted one of us to go with him so my brother wanted to go so he can help dad carrying the pizza in the trailer. I’m use to staying at the trailer, but only during the day. So my dad and brother left to the pizza place, which is 2-4 hours away from the trailer. As I’m still watching Full House after it went to commercials, I have a habit of muting the commercials anyway after I did that, I heard the sound of (insert knocking noises here). I got scared because of how loud the knock is. I just assumed it was deer hitting his head very hard on the wall, but then I was wrong when I went to check the noise out.

I know what you are thinking, “why would you go check out the noise in the dark by yourself?” Well I was waiting for Full House to come back on,so I just went to check it out. What I did find is duct tape, a pocketknife,and a plastic bag. I took them inside the trailer and yes I’m wearing gloves the whole time but anyway I took the stuff in and putted them under my bed. I waited and waited for my dad and brother to come back. I heard a vehicle pulling up. I heard a car door shut and then another and then another. They probably put the pizza in the backseat. I was so hungry I’ve forgotten how scared I was. We watch TV for an hour and then we went to bed.

Since it was three of us this time, my dad and my brother share the room with the big bed while I slept in the room with the single bed and the room has a window. I remember waking up 1:00 in the morning to the sound of (knocking). I yelled for my dad, then asked me if I have gone completely insane. I told him that something or someone was knocking on the trailer. To make me feel better, he reluctantly humored my story. He came back in and told me that there was no one there. I didn’t sleep after that. So I waited for the sun to come up and when it did I just passed out.

I woke up at 11:30 and my dad greeted me with a “Good morning” when I walked in the kitchen. I just ate a sandwich since it was almost lunchtime. I didn’t do anything today, expect for watching Full House and shooting cans with a b.b gun. My little brother was riding a dirt bike. When it hit dinner time, we were eating the leftover pizza my dad got yesterday evening. After dinner, my little brother went back on the dirt bike, but my dad told him to ride it on the neighbors property. He assumed that no one lives in the trailer that is 1 minute away so Bob went to go ride his dirt bike on the neighbors property.

I got bored and I told my dad that I was gonna find Bob and he said “Okay son be careful.” I went on the neighbors property to find Bob and I just found the dirt bike that Bob was riding and the trailer door was open. Bob probably went in there snooping around so I went in there to get him. It was kinda dark so I turned on my iPhone to use it as a flashlight to look around. While my phone turns on, I put it on the counter and then I see the door open that leads to the basement. I went down the basement to see if Bob is down there and then I some how see the light switch and what I saw in the basement is what I’ll never forget.

Then I heard footsteps from upstairs and at first I thought it was Bob. “Why aren’t you answering?” I asked, but it wasn’t Bob. It was a human figure maybe 6 feet tall bu to didn’t see his face. I ran out of the trailer at the same time I saw my dads car driving so fast. Where was he going? But I didn’t had time to think it over I went on the dirt bike and I drove back the trailer we stayed at so I ran in and turned off all the lights and I went into the room my dad and brother stayed in and hide in the closet. I heard a car coming and I heard 3 car doors opening and closing. At first I thought it was my dad and brother but as soon as I thought that, they kept kicking the door until the door broke down. I heard footsteps and it sounded like three men in the trailer and one of them went outside, one we t in the same room I was in but he went back outside with the other guy. I went out the closet and i saw the two of the guys outside. “Where is the other guy?” I was thinking to myself but then at the corner of my eye, I saw him. The same guy from the same trailer that I thought Bob was in and this time I got a very good look at his face but his face was covered by another humans face and it was sewed on to his face with dried up blood and his body was disfigured with some of his fingers was longer than the other fingers and his right leg is longer than the left one and his left arm was longer than the right his left arm.

I ran out of the trailer and I don’t know how the two guys that were outside didn’t see me but I just ran. I left the dirt bike behind, but that didn’t matter I just ran. The nearest neighbor was exactly one hour later so I just stopped because I was tired of running and then i saw a cars headlights and it was my dad. He told me to get in the car  so I did and I saw Bob in the front seat bleeding from his right forearm and he wrapped his arm with a rag.

Apparently he cut himself while he fell off his dirt bike and he went into the other trailer to see if there was a first aid kit but there wasn’t one so he just ran back to the trailer we were staying at while I was looking for him in the basement guessing why my dad was speeding down the road but anyway we went to the hospital in town and Bob is recovering just fine and the cops was questioning me about what happened and I told them what happened but I didn’t tell them about the other trailer and what was in the basement and I’ll never forget what happened over.

Well, that was about 10 years ago and me and Bob told our older brother what happened. Why we didn’t tell him when we got home from the hospital that day is another story, but this story really scared me, my dad and my brother and I hope we never go to that trailer again.