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The Tests series was first started on February 26th, 2021 when Erik 663 wanted to start uploading videos again. He also wanted to take an opportunity to grow his editing skills by having a different special effect in each episode. Due to the limited casting caused by both the pandemic and moving away Erik was the only one appearing in the videos.


Test 01 - In this episode, it features Erik walking down a hallway before twitching, at this point the camera glitches as he teleports a couple of steps forwards. He then continues walking as if nothing happens and as he walks by the camera it becomes static a bit.

Test 02 - We begin with a music box playing in the distance as we smilingly wake up. Suddenly, a ghostly figure appears in front of us that attempts to make the audience play with them and that they are lonely. The video ends with the figure's voice turning corrupt.

Test 03 - This video is different from the other videos mainly due to the fact that it is in black and white. For a while we see Erik typing away on his keyboard as distorted music plays in the background. As time goes on we see what appears to be a disfigured face slowly appear before eventually it cuts to black and jump scares the viewer.

Test 04 - Erik takes a camera and is dared by his friends to go into the abandoned Laughing Jack house. As he makes his way inside he finds blood on the floor. As he soon begins to explore other parts of the house he hears a cry for help on the other side of the house. Erik soon runs towards the source of the voice before being tackled onto the floor and is killed as Laughing Jack laughs hysterically.

Cast and Crew

  • Erik 663 as the embodiments of the creepypasta characters.