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The third episode in the Carnage series. Sophie Banks stays with Carnage East, not knowing the misery that is about to unfold. The episode was posted on February 8 2019.


Carnage is planning to take Sophie to his house but Sophie wants to go back to her dad but Carnage says it isn't safe. He decides to tell her what happened.

A week ago, after Sophie went to Carnage's house, Carnage decided to go over to the Banks family home to the discover it flooded with police and paramedics. Officer Chad tells Marcus they will find his daughter as Paramedic/Body Cleaner Lenny and Paramedic/Body Cleaner Adam take away Liam Edgar's body. Carnage asks Marcus what happened and Marcus tells him about Sophie killing Liam and running off. Carnage says he thinks he knows where she is and Marcus makes a deal with him to take him to her when he finds him.

In the present time, Carnage takes Sophie to his house and quickly before the police spot her. At the house, Sophie thanks Carnage for letting her stay. They talk a bit about Liam, and how he killed his ex-girlfriend and her family, Sophie admits that her mom didn't die in a car accident and that her dad killed her. Sophie notices a camera and admits to being interested in Carnage.

The next day Carnage gets a mysterious phone call from Marcus. Carnage tells Sophie about his family until suddenly Officer Chad arrives to investigate a noise complaint. Carnage quickly directs Sophie to the back (where she drops her Spyglass Telescope) and Officer Chad enters. He remarks that Carnage looks familiar and Sophie finds an old newspaper about Carnage being a photojournalist and looking for a guy named Carlito Banks. Officer Chad brushes it off, saying he will remember it later and give him his phone number before leaving. Sophie returns with the newspaper, wondering why Carnage didn't tell her and he says that he used to be the best photojournalist out there (aside Frank West) and he later fell into depression and hadn't realized he hadn't been in the limelight for 5 years.

The next day Carnage is trying to build up the courage to ask Sophie when there is a knock on the door. Carnage thinks it is the guy who sold him the house until Marcus barges in demanding to know why Carnage didn't tell him about Sophie. Sophie yells at him to stay away and that Carnage is her boyfriends. Carnage and Carlos are surprised but Marcus punches him and tells Carlos to take Sophie but he doesn't want to. Marcus takes out a gun and shoots Carlos and Sophie just as Officer Chad arrives and discovers Sophie and Marcus have vanished. Marcus throws Sophie into his car and drives away. Carnage checks on Carlos and has Officer Chad take him away. He plans to chase Marcus and find Sophie.

In an abandoned park, Sophie is tied to a poll. Carnage fights Marcus, frees Sophie, and lands one final blow at Marcus. At the hospital Doctor Steve assures Carnage he can save Sophie which he does and a couple of hours later she can leave. Carnage proposes to her and Sophie accepts but as they are about to leave Carnage thinks he saw someone outside the window but brushes it off.

Four days later, a priest marries Carnage and Sophie while a crying person in the audience... Cries.


  • Montel J. Guzman as Carnage East and Paramedic/Body Cleaner Adam
  • Erik 663 as Sophie Banks and Paramedic/Body Cleaner Lenny
  • Purple J as Marcus Banks, Carlos Banks, Doctor Steve, and Crying Person in the Audience
  • RealRapperLX as Officer Chad
  • Mr. ForFirePepe helped film this episode.


  • This episode had the most bloopers out of any other episode in Season One.
  • When the episode was first released it didn't have a name because Erik couldn't come up with one so for a while it was known as 'Episode Three' and it wasn't until Season 2's productions that the name was officially named 'The Sorrowful Reunion'.