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Story (Written by Montel J. Guzman)

This mental hospital was seriously scary and messed up. Let me explain. Me and my brother Bob, according to our parents, we are normal people but recently our parents wanted us to go to the store to get groceries but then we wanted to get something for us then when we got done with the groceries, we went home but then our parents got a letter from the mail saying the following:

"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Wilson we would like both of your boys to stay at our mental hospital for 2 weeks. If you are interested, call us at, I will a number out for obvious reasons and please send your sons Monday morning at 7:00am."

Our parents looked at us and basically hates mental hospitals because they think mental hospitals are the devils jail from hell. Mom tells us “boys me and your father have been talking and we think that you 2 should go”. “But mom you and dad hate mental hospitals”, I replied. “I know sweetie, but you and your brother had relationship problems and maybe this mental hospital will help, not like the last one you 2 were in 6 years ago.” “Okay,” I replied.

Monday morning came and we were dropped off in front of the same mental hospital that sent us the letter the other day. We walked in the mental hospital and holy hell. There was a nice man who owns the same mental hospital that we walked in that day. He then said “Welcome my friends.” The guy who owns the same mental hospital we walked into looks and sounds familiar, but I quite put my finger on it.  “Hey Bob”. I yelled his name out. “Yeah” he replied. “Have you seen my duffle bag?” “Yeah I saw the owner put it in the room that you and I are gonna share. We went to go find it and after that we meet other mental patients. One looked at us, one smelled us, one licked us and one slapped us across our faces for some reason like we did or said something to him then the mental owner called out “Everyone listen up, we have new patients for our special mental hospital.” Me and Bob looked at each other. “Our new friends are gonna stay with us for a very long time.” “What?!?!?!?!?!?” Me and Bob yelled out. “But I thought we are gonna stay here for 2 weeks”. “Oh yes that’s right I forgot haha my bad.” The guy was weirdly scary and obviously weird at the same time.

6 damn weeks went by and me and Bob are pissed off. “What the hell man?! I thought me and Bob were supposed to be here for 2 weeks”. I told him. “Oh yes my fault. You and your brother get your stuff and I will call your parents to pick you two up”. I went to find Bob and then I saw him, talking to a female patient, who is normal and there is nothing mentally wrong with her. She is just perfect but anyway I walked up to bob and told him to his duffle bag and then he said “Dude we have take her with us”. And then she told us her reason why she is in the same mental hospital that we were in. So I said “Okay let’s get our stuff and wait for our parents to pick us up”.

So the three of us went to get my duffle bag and then all of the sudden the door to the room that me and my brother shared together closed and was barricaded shut. I yelled to the owner when I saw him “Hey what the hell man?!?! Why did you closed the door and barricaded it?” He said with the crazed look on his face “You three aren’t leaving here”. He said my name twice. First of all, how did he know my name? My parents didn’t tell him my name and my brothers name. Second of all, he  was just crazy. Then the bastard revealed that he is the same guy who use to own mental hospital that me and Bob went to 6 years ago. Holy crap. He did his evil laugh that both me and Bob well never forget. So me and Bob pushed the door open. Thank god he didn’t put all lot of stuff to barricade the door closed.

So we caught up with him in the lobby. “You jerk tricked our parents by using a voice changing device”. “ I sure did”. Long story short, our parents called the cops so the cops and our parents showed up to the mental hospital and our parents were shocked that the same guy who owned the same mental hospital held me and Bob hostage. We went home with our parents after some questioning from the cop. So me and that girl that Bob was talking to at the mental hospital, got married but we still have nightmares about Mr. Johnson and we never talked about the whole again. So Mr. Johnson got life in jail, which means that he will rot in jail and in hell when he dies. Well that happened 9 months ago and I have had my first son name Chad. I hope we never have to take Chad to any mental hospitals that are here in the USA.