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The Hiding Game is a game created by Erik 663, Mr. ForFirePepe, and Purple J.

How to Play

  • The Monster/Ghost sets up the game inside the game area while the Survivors wait outside.
  • Once the Monster/Ghost is finished, he will signal the others to enter.
  • The main game is the Survivors looking for artifacts while the Monster/Ghost hunts them down.
  • The Survivors have three hits before going down.
  • The game can end one of two ways:
  1. At least one or more Survivors make it through + collected all the Artifacts = they escape/Survivor Victory
  2. All Survivors die + not all/most Artifacts are collected = they don't escape/Monster Victory


The game was first created when Mr. ForFirePepe and Erik 663 wanted to get up and do something physical. Due to Erik's love of horror, it lead to the creation of this game. It wasn't until around the time that Purple J started playing that he introduced the idea of recording and having a number of hits before going down.