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The first episode in the Carnage series. Carnage East stays at the Banks family home. There he witnesses drama and murder. The episode was posted on January 14 2018.


Carnage East is wondering the street after visiting his parents and it soon becomes dark and chilly. He goes to one of the houses on the street and knocks, hoping to get away from the cold since his jacket isn't doing any justice. Marcus Banks answers and lets him inside.

Marcus and Carnage get to know each other until Marcus's daughter, Sophie Banks, runs into the room, wondering who was at the door. Carnage is immediately love struck until Marcus knocks him out of it. Carnage goes to use the bathroom and begins noticing Marcus's strange behavior of following him around.

Carnage eventually enters the kitchen to find Sophie cleaning the dishes. The both of them begin to talk and she eventually tells him that its just her, her dad, and her brother Carlos living together ever since her mother died when she was 2 and her brother was 5. Carnage comforts Sophie by putting his hand on her back and Marcus enters and flies into a rage of them doing that in his Christian household. He goes into his room and begins to vent until Sophie comes in and tells him about her abusive boyfriend, Liam Edgar, who suddenly arrives and begins threating everyone in the house.

Liam threatens to stab Sophie in the pelvis but Sophie isn't having none of it and stabs him. He tries escaping only for Marcus to block the door. Sophie then slits his throat.


  • Montel J. Guzman as Carnage East and Liam Edgar
  • Purple J as Marcus Banks and Carlos Banks
  • Erik 663 as Sophie Banks


  • In the first draft of the story outline Sophie originally had a boyfriend named Frank who was loving and caring to her but this was scrapped due to the actor playing him being uncomfortable so it was replaced by a new actor (Montel J. Guzman) which led to the creation of Liam Edgar.
  • Liam Edgar was supposed to escape and become the main antagonist of the season, but this was scrapped due to the lack of script and improvisation on Erik's part.
  • Originally, Carlos Banks was supposed to hate and have a rivalry with Carnage East.