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Sophie Banks is a protagonist of the Carnage Series.


When Sophie was two years-old she witnessed her mother being killed by Marcus, and Marcus began giving her pills to try making her forget. But no matter what, she never forgot.

Sophie attended high school with several other people including Carnage, Carlos, Liam, Kevin and Howard.

After graduation she stayed with her father to help him around the house. She dated someone until meeting Liam Edgar, a well known delinquent, who forced her to break up with him and go out with him.

Two years later is when the Carnage series takes place.

Appearance and Personality

Sophie is a 22 year-old woman with light skin. She usually wears dark clothing with a dark jacket, unless she decides to wear the only color she likes, red.

Sophie is pretty emo and laid back. She doesn't really care of what other people think. Even if she doesn't show it she deeply cares for everyone. She is what people calls a "Chaotic Good".


  • Sophie was originally supposed to have a caring boyfriend before Carnage named Frank. But due to the actor being uncomfortable, this idea was scrapped.