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The second episode in the Carnage series. Sophie Banks has lost her mind ever since the murder. Will anyone be able to help her? The episode was posted on June 15 2018.


Sophie Banks is walking down a darken street and approaches a house. She knocks on the door and Carnage East answers. He asks her why she's there and she admits that she ran away from home after killing someone. She knows her dad, Marcus, is after her and pleads to Carnage to hide her. He tells her to hide in the backyard just when Marcus arrives and demands to know where Sophie is.

After a while of searching the house Marcus decides to check the backyard and finds Sophie. Marcus and Carnage have an argument before leaving.

A week later, Carnage leaves his house and notices Sophie walking into a night club. Sophie gets past Kevin the Bouncer and orders a drink from Howard the Bartender. Carnage arrives and recognizes Kevin, they both haven't seen each other in 6 years. Kevin lets him in and Carnage takes Sophie away, as they leave Sophie takes a mysterious Spyglass Telescope.

As Carnage and Sophie are walking away, he tells Sophie that her father is looking for her.


  • Montel J. Guzman as Carnage East, Kevin the Bouncer, and Howard the Bartender
  • Erik 663 as Sophie Banks
  • Purple J as Marcus Banks


  • Originally, the Spyglass Telescope was supposed to be a random prop used in this episode and in the next episode. Montel liked the idea of it so much that he decided to add it into Season Two and make it apart of a bigger story.
  • Compared to the other episodes from the Carnage Series, this episode is the only one without a script without it with Episode One only having half a script.