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The second entry in the Found.001 series.


The video begins with Alex and Erik, two amateur paranormal investigators. Alex decides to investigate the outside before looking inside, they find nothing but a burn pit before hearing the front door opening and seeing something peaking at them before scurrying away. Erik wonders if this is a prank. The minute they go inside they hear footsteps then bump into a figure standing in the hallway. Erik finds an old doggy doll and an old rose.

The ghost soon begins to chase after the two, Erik believes that its because of the artifacts he found, the ghost slaughters Alex.

Erik, now left alone, is pursued by the ghost before getting killed.

The video ends with the camera on the kitchen floor.


  • RealRapperLX as Alex
  • Erik 663 as Erik
  • Purple J as The Ghost


  • This video was the second attempt with Alex and Erik, because the first time Alex messed it up.