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The third entry in the Found.001 series.


The video begins with two delinquents, Josh and Alex, hearing rumor's about a house in the neighborhood being haunted. As soon as they enter the property they are surprised to see the wide assortment of junk in the yard. They find a burn pit that is still lit and proceeded to go inside but not before the front door opens.

As they enter they hear banging noises, Alex wants to go investigate it but Josh is scared. They find the source of the banging coming from a door in the kitchen, Josh doesn't want to open it and sees a doggy doll in the room beside the kitchen.

Alex shows the camera the little stuffed toy just as the door in the kitchen begins to slowly swing open, the two get back. A hunched figure emerges from the closet and begins climbing over furniture, killing Alex.

In a raspy voice the figure demands Josh to come closer. Josh goes to the front door but is to struck with fear to move on, he turns to see the hunched-back figure approaching, but not before it hears something, the figure begins talking to its 'mother' and that it should kill them slowly.

Alex, fighting for life on the floor, tries snapping Josh out of his fear by telling him to run. Josh turns and begins to open the door as the figure exclaims that it must 'kill them all' before killing Josh, the video ending with his screams.


  • RealRapperLX as Alex
  • Purple J as Josh
  • Erik 663 as the Hunched-Back Ghost


  • Alex wanted to hold the camera but Josh wouldn't let him.