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The first entry in the Found.001 series.

Description: Hey everyone! Erik here! Today something strange happened, I was checking out footage of a project me and Josh did only to find this footage but I don't remember filming this, is there an explanation for this?...


The video begins with two paranormal investigators, Erik and Josh, who are going to be checking out a house that is rumored to be haunted. They discover the door to be locked so they look for something to break it open. They stumble upon a burn pit which appears to have been lit not to long ago.

They suddenly hear the sound of the door opening and proceed to go inside. They close the door behind them so that nobody knows they are breaking in. At first glance the house is very well kept for something that has been abandoned for a long time. Erik thinks he sees something but brushes it off, but is optimistic that this will be their first case where they actually find something, but Josh is evidently terrified.

They soon find an old doggy doll which immediately triggers ghost activity, from hearing something moving and seeing a figure in the shadows. They are chased around and Josh accidently corners himself but somehow makes it out.

Josh wants to leave but Erik wants to try and exorcising the ghost. The two are separated and Josh encounters the ghost which causes him to have an episode of uncontrollable coughing and blurry vision before the ghost kills him. The video ends with Josh's camera on the floor and Erik running to Josh's side, where he is also killed.


  • Erik 663 as Erik
  • Purple J as Josh
  • RealRapperLX as The Ghost


  • Josh had a cold while filming this.