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The fourth entry in the Found.001 series. The Final Part...


The video starts with Erik telling Josh to cut something out and Josh tells him to go on with it. Erik introduces the both of them, they are paranormal investigators, and they are going to find out if the house is really haunted.

Erik walks away while Josh just stands there for a while. Erik tells Josh to not be scared and Josh admits he is. Josh soon runs while screaming into the backyard. They find a burn pit where Josh claims he heard the door opening and the ghost saying 'Hi Bitches' they then enter!

Inside the house, Erik exclaims he scared and Josh says he can see a ffaaaccceee, Erik's pussy is wetter then Niagara Falls. They are both chased by the ghost for a while and Josh wonders why they don't just leave.

After a while of them being chased a bit more and bumping into each other, they finally gather all the artifacts and run out the house.


  • Purple J as Josh
  • Erik 663 as Erik
  • RealRapperLX as The Ghost


  • Because everyone was so tired while filming this, the cast took a more comedic approach to this.