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Liam Edgar is a known delinquent and the abusive ex-boyfriend of Sophie Banks. He was later murdered by her. He was a temporary antagonist for the first episode of Carnage.


He murdered his girlfriend but was let go due to lack of evidence. He eventually set his sights on Sophie who he thought would be an easy target. He forced her to dump her boyfriend.

Appearance and Personality

A 23 year-old man with dark skin he wears a dark and tattered hoodie with sunglasses, with torn jeans.

He is a vile man with no empathy for others. He is extremely possessive of people especially to those he considered "his". In the end, he got what he deserved.


  • Liam Edgar was supposed to have a large role in Carnage but due to the lack of script (and improvisation on Erik's part) he was killed off.
  • During the original upload of the first episode Liam Edgar didn't have a name and was simplify referred to as 'The Abusive Boyfriend' or 'Sophie's Abusive Ex'. It wasn't until The Carnage Movie was being made that Erik 663 decide to give him an official name, his first name was inspired by a character in 'All It Took Was One Look' and his last name was taken from Edgar Allen Poe.