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Frankenstein is a parody of the 1931 film of the same name. It was created one random night when Erik 663, Purple J, and Montel J. Guzman were hanging out.


The Mad Doctor and his assistant Igor go out to the graveyard to look for body parts. After stealing what they need, they put the parts together and resurrect it with science and the Mad Doctor loudly exclaims "It's Alive!" but soon deems it a failure once the Monster reacts horribly to a candle Igor was holding.

The Mad Doctor has Igor lock the Monster away as he digs through his notes, trying to figure out what went wrong. Igor comforts him by telling him that "It's Alive." Igor goes to feed the Monster and starts taunting it with a candle, this soon backfires when the Monster breaks out of its restraints and murders him.

The Monster wonders away as the Mad Doctor finds Igor's body. The Monster eventually finds a Little Girl, but it ends with the both of them yelling insults at each other. The film comes to an end when the Monster befriends a Blind Old Man.

Cast and Crew

  • Purple J as the Mad Doctor and Blind Old Man
  • Erik 663 as Igor and Little Girl
  • Montel J. Guzman as the Monster


  • Erik 663 has stated that he might remake this film sometime in the future.