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Carnage East is a main character of the Carnage series. He is one of the best photojournalist out there (aside Frank West) and had a tough case involving a man called Carlito Banks. This case was put on hold when Carnage fell into depression and hadn't been in the limelight for 5 years.


Carnage was born from Stan East (an investigative reporter) and Lindsey East (a radio hostess).

It is unknown what happened during his early life, other then having an interest in photojournalism and idolizing Frank West.

He eventually started working on a hard case about a man named Carlito Banks (which was published in the newspaper) and he later bought a house from Wayne Douglas. The investigation ended when Carnage fell into depression and hadn't realized he has been out of the lime light for five years.

Appearance and Personality

Carnage is a 24 year-old man with dark skin. He usually always wears his signature jacket and when ever he goes out he always brings his sunglasses and camera.

Carnage is a respectable young man who treats everyone with respect. He is also brave and has a strong sense of justice.


  • Carnage's last name (East) is a parody of Frank West's last name.