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Carnage Chases Marcus is a spinoff to the original Carnage Series written and directed by Montel J. Guzman. It currently has two seasons and is said to be an alternate timeline taking place after season five of Carnage.

Season One Episodes

Where are you Marcus Banks - The first entry in the series, Carnage East is filming himself questioning Marcus Banks innocents and about whether he is indeed a widow or not or just an asshole. He has been trying to find Marcus for a while but has been unsuccessful in each of his searches. However, this doesn't mean he well give up. Once he finds him, Carnage well make Marcus give him information about C.P.O., Carnage once again questions Marcus Banks innocents as well as his motive for certain situations. Like was he set up to do it, or was he trying to drag Carnage into his mess. Carnage promises his viewers that he well find him. He then questions Marcus about his three channels and to post his response. Carnage soon begins to wonder about what would have happened to the Banks family if he wasn't involved and his hoping he won't find out. The video concludes with Carnage promising that he well find Marcus and that he well be waiting for a video response from him.

I'm On The Run... Carnage East - Marcus brags about how he has been going to different locations and mocks Carnage about not being able to find him. The video ends with Marcus signing out.

Watch out Marcus Banks. - Carnage doubts Marcus saying that he well find him and that by the time he sees the video Carnage well have already found his new location and to watch out.

You Found My Location but I'm at My New Location... Carnage East - Marcus remarks that he is aware about Carnage finding his location but tells him that he already moved somewhere else. He then taunts Carnage to find his new location and that he well be waiting.

Marcus has a new location, but i will find him. - Carnage is staying at a hotel but he promises that even though it might take him a while, he will find him. Carnage says that by the time Marcus sees the video he would know where is location is but then gets distraught when thinking about Marcus possibly being on the run again. But in the end Carnage is confident that he will get him.

I'm not giving up. - Carnage gives an update that the person who gave him directions gave him the wrong directions so now he is staying at one of his friend's house. Carnage does not no what to do and is stumped. He begins to wonder if the person is in cahoots with Marcus. But even though he couldn't find Marcus's new location this does not mean Marcus has won and that Carnage well continue searching. Carnage well be waiting for a video response.

The Person Who Gave You Directions to My New Location, Were Wrong... Carnage East - Marcus wonders if he should make the video but in the end caves in and confirms to Carnage that the guy who tried giving him his location was indeed wrong. Marcus finds the situation funny and begins to brag that Carnage will never catch him, but he could try.

I'm on my way Marcus Banks. - Carnage has barley gotten out of the shower to find that one of his friends has sent him Marcus's current address. Carnage warns Marcus to run because Carnage is on his way. Once Carnage reaches Marcus's current location he well burn down the building and that the next time we see Carnage again, Marcus will be behind bars.

I finally got Marcus Banks. - Carnage East is back with another update, he finally got the answers he wanted from Marcus Banks who got life in prison. He wants to thank everyone for joining him on this journey.

Carnage East Got Me Into Prison... - Carnage confirms that he is in prison and he didn't anticipate how fast Carnage found out his new location and so as he attempted to move was when Carnage showed up. Marcus is now going to be going to jail for what he has done and thinks that this well be the last of him.

Season Two Episodes

Marcus Banks escaped prison. - A year after Marcus was sent to prison, Carnage informs his viewers that last night Marcus had broken out. Carnage attempted to look for him but later decided to stay at one of his friend's house. Marcus might make a video so he will be waiting, and so Carnage concludes with inviting the viewers to stay with him for another journey.

I Escaped Prison, Now Carnage East Knows & I Want To Find Him... - Marcus confirms that he has indeed escaped prison, the worst part being that Carnage knows which means he is currently hiding at a friend's house instead of being at his house. This means that Marcus will have to try and find him so settle what they started. It doesn't matter how long it takes, it doesn't even matter if there is a police wide manhunt after him, Marcus well find Carnage East and get his revenge.

Marcus has messed with the wrong photojournalist. - Carnage has seen the video Marcus has posted and replies saying that he has informed Officer Chad who is going to help him as well as the friend he's staying with. He reminds Marcus of who the real hero is and that he is messing with the wrong photojournalist.

I Will Find You Carnage East & I Don't Care How Long It Takes... - Marcus has seen Carnage's video about messing with the wrong photojournalist and Marcus refutes saying that he messed with the wrong person who has escaped from prison. He then goes on to say that he doesn't care how long it takes, he will find him. He doesn't know what will happen but he will find him. He messed with the wrong Marcus, he's a whole new Marcus, he's teetering over the edge of madness, is coming for Carnage.

Officer Chad is waiting for you Marcus Banks. -

I'm At A New Location, Find Me Carnage East... -

Finally Marcus is done for. -

I'm Surrounded, This Might Be The End... -

Marcus Banks is in federal prison. -

I'm Back In Federal Prison, This Is Goodbye For Now... -