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Bride of Frankenstein is a parody based on the 1935 movie of the same name. It was created to end the story of Frankenstein's creation.


The film continues where the last one left off with the Monster returning to his creator. He begs for the Mad Doctor to create a bride for him which the Mad Doctor refuses. That was, until the Monster kidnaps James, Igor's brother, and the Mad Doctor reluctantly agrees.

While out on the street, the Mad Doctor finds a young man out on his own and has his Monster murder him, and together they take the body back to the house. The Mad Doctor once again resurrects it with science but when the Monster tries to get close to his Husband it just runs away from him. The Mad Doctor tries to protect the Husband leading the Monster to attack him.

The Husband and the Monster soon begin to fight and at this time, James manages to escape his restraints. The Monster lets him and the Mad Doctor go as he and his Husband fight to the death and soon set the house on fire.

Cast and Crew

  • Purple J as the Mad Doctor
  • Erik 663 as James
  • Montel J. Guzman as the Monster
  • RealRapperLX as the Husband


  • In the first draft of the script, Igor's body was supposed to be recycled for the body of the Husband but this was scrapped due to the fact that Igor's body would have been rotten by the time this took place.
  • Erik 663 has stated that he might remake this film sometime in the future.